Research Comics

I have worked with a range of academics to produce comics relating to their research projects. I specialise in producing narrative comics that convey the details and substance of a researcher’s argument. These comics can reach a wide audience and play an important part in the public engagement and impact of a research project.

I am able to make comics, create educational resources, run workshops and write articles relating to research projects. Please contact me to discuss the ways in which I can support your project.

Here are some examples of comics I have made in collaboration with academics:

three covers 02

These comics were made in collaboration with Sophie Page, Malcolm Gaskill, Owen Davies and Ceri Houlbrook of the Inner Lives research project. They were given to delegates at the Living in a Magical World conference in 2018 and were sold at the Spellbound exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. You can hear me talking about the process of working on these comics here.

Jan Reynolds covers

Wydecombe/The Devil and Jan Reynolds comic was made for the Past in its Place conference in 2015 and was made in collaboration with David C. Harvey.

Following on from the Past in its Place conference, I collaborated with Howard Williams on a comic about Weland the Smith.

Weyland covers

The Cochno Stone was made in collaboration with Kenny Brophy as part of the Cochno Stone project and has been used in a series of workshops in schools.

Cochno stone covers